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About Us

Apartments KRISTINA are located near the sea in Fazana, very close to the main beach. Our accommodation includes well suited comfortable apartments ( for 2-5 persons). Each apartment has  two rooms,equipped kitchen, bathroom-toilet, Sat-TV, air conditioning and wide covered terraces. The apartments are modern, spacious, with new furniture and each apartment has LCD-TV. Also You can use Wi-Fi internet free of charge. There is also a free parking place reserved just for your car. The first beach is away only 150 meters from the house, surrounded by pines wood which gives you a perfect natural shelter in hot summer days. Our house is also equipped with a big barbecue which the guests can use.
A variety of activities are available in the area, such as horseback riding,snorkeling, playing golf, tennis etc. We also have a boat for excursion around the Brijuni Islands with the swimming on one of the island of the National Park Brijuni. Our guests have special price for the excursion. The nearest airport is Pula Airport, 6 miles from the property.



The history of Mediterranean towns often relies on mythopoetic records and legends. The story of the Argonauts, mythical seafarers who fleeing with the Golden Fleece from the Black Sea upstream along the Danube arrived to the north Adriatic coast, is also related to Istria, its coastal region. Among other things it is a story of ancient Mediterranean connections, exchange of experience and trade. Such an exchange also included the area of today’s Fažana and Valbandon. The name Fažana is related to ancient Phasiana and Vasianum. Very often the name of the town is connected with the field bird pheasant (Croatian “fazan”) or pottery. In Roman times an especially important activity in this area was the production of amphoras, and the ceramics workshop of Caius Laecanius Bassus, who was consul in AD 64.

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Brijuni National Park

Brijuni National Park is an oasis of the magnificent harmony between man, animal and plant life. There are almost 700 plant species and about 250 bird species on the islands, whereas the mild Mediterranean climate makes it a pleasant health resort. After leaving Fažana, the line of green islands viewed from the boat, transforms into Veliki Brijun, the largest of the 14 islands.

The traces of dinosaurs, remains of Antiquity and later periods, achievements of modern times are all present in this area, whose development as an exclusive resort starts in 1893 thanks to the “old Austrian”, the industrialist Paul Kupelwieser, owner of the Brijuni Islands. This fashionable seaside resort and one of the leading health resorts started developing and gaining popularity all over Europe and worldwide, but this unfortunately ended with the beginning of World War I.



Pula is located at the southernmost part of Istria and it is its largest town. There is an airport in immediate vicinity of the town which enables fast
and comfortable travelling. Pula was a very important town in ancient times. The earliest records tell us that this place was a settlement as early as 1000 years BC. Pula is mentioned in Greek myth on Jason and Medea, who stole the golden fleece.
In 45 BC, the town was already ruled by the Romans and had a population of about 30 000. Around that time waterworks, sewage system and many buildings were built, and some of them still stand and tell a story of once a magnificent town. During its turbulent past, it was ruled by many different rulers, which is reflected in various buildings every step of the way. The most popular monuments in Pula is the famous amphitheater, also known as the Arena. It was built in the 1st ct. AD and it is the 6th biggest amphitheater in the world.
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